The aim of the verify command is to verify a Groth16 Circom proof using the provided verification key and public inputs.


co-circom verify --proof proof.json --vk test_vectors/multiplier2/verification_key.json --public-input public_input.json --curve BN254

The above command verifies the proof in proof.json using the verification key test_vectors/multiplier2/verification_key.json and public input public_input.json.


co-circom verify --help`
Verification of a Circom proof

Usage: co-circom verify --proof <PROOF> --curve <CURVE> --vk <VK> --public-input <PUBLIC_INPUT>

      --proof <PROOF>                The path to the proof file
      --curve <CURVE>                The pairing friendly curve to be used [possible values: BN254, BLS12-381]
      --vk <VK>                      The path to the verification key file
      --public-input <PUBLIC_INPUT>  The path to the public input JSON file
  -h, --help                         Print help