This section will help you setup the co-circom toolchain.


To use co-circom, you need to install Rust, Circom, and SnarkJS. Here's a brief overview of why each tool is necessary:

  • Rust: Required for building and running components of co-circom.
  • Circom: Needed to compile a circuit into a .r1cs file.
  • SnarkJS: Used to create the proving and verification keys.

Follow these steps to install the required tools:

  • Install Rust: Visit the official Rust site for detailed installation instructions.
  • Install Circom and SnarkJS: Refer to the circom documentation for guidance on installing Circom and SnarkJS.

These resources will provide the necessary information to get your environment set up for using co-circom.

Compile from Source

First, download the source from GitHub. We tested the compilation on Ubuntu 22.04.

git clone

After downloading the source, build the toolchain simply by typing:

cargo build --release

You can find the co-circom binary under target/release/.

Download Binary from Release

  1. You can find the latest release here.

  2. Download the binary for your operating system.

  3. Extract the binary from the archive

    tar xf co-circom-YOUR_ARCHITECTURE.tar.gz
  4. Make the binary executable (if necessary):

    chmod +x co-circom